Melbourne Psychologist & Nutritionist Selina Byrne

Based just off St Kilda Road in Melbourne and specialising in counselling, wellbeing and health, psychologist Selina Byrne M.A.P.S. is a Psychologist & Clinical Nutritionist. She works with both individuals and organisations to provide wellbeing solutions.

In addition to her educational conferences and staff seminars, Selina Byrne conducts a private practice offering individual and family counselling. Psychologist Selina Byrne has presented in many high-profile organisations and has been interviewed on podcasts, TV, radio and in various publications in relation to her work.

As a Melbourne Psychologist, Selina Byrne provides Psychology, Nutrition, Clinical Hypnosis and other methods all in one session! She works with you to look at your situation in a holistic way, considering how different approaches might improve things for you.

As a Melbourne Nutritionist, Selina Byrne helps you to manage your own mood, energy and wellbeing by designing personalised approaches to get you to feel your best. Her programs include psychological techniques, mood nutrition, choosing the right supplements, personality profiling, physical vitality analysis, optimism development and brain chemistry management.

Many clients need a food psychologist who can help them to develop eating patterns that lead to feeling better and maintaining healthy weight. Consulting with a food psychologist can help you to use both nutritional and psychological knowledge to help you with a range of conditions such as overeating, under eating, breaking patterns of yo-yo dieting, overcoming cravings, managing food intolerances and irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). Highly sensitive people often have issues with mind body syndromes such as comfort eating, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome / CFS pain conditions, anxiety and fatigue and can benefit from both nutrition and psychology in combination.

Medicare and Private Health Refunds available! Check with your G.P. and health fund provider for details.


About Selina Byrne

Selina Byrne M.A.P.S is a consulting psychologist and clinical nutritionist specialising in developing individual and organisational wellbeing solutions. In addition to her educational and corporate conferences and staff seminars, Selina conducts a private practice offering individual counselling, specialising in fatigue and energy management, mood issues (anxiety and depression), dating coaching, couples counselling, nutritional approaches, clinical hypnosis, eye movement therapies, food-related concerns (food psychology strategies), career development and managing workplace and personal relationships.

Selina holds a Master of Social Science (Addiction), Graduate Diploma in Applied Psychology, Graduate Diploma in Clinical Nutrition, Diploma in Clinical Hypnosis, Graduate Diploma in Equal Opportunity and Bachelor of Arts (Psychology).

Selina has presented many seminars and keynote addresses in various high-profile organisations and has been interviewed numerous times in the media in relation to her work with individuals and groups.

Selina is also the published author of the ‘Optimism Boosters’, ‘Anxiety Solutions’ and ‘Anxiety Solutions for Kids’ card sets which are currently being distributed throughout Australia, USA and various other countries. Selina’s card series ‘Mood Boosters’ is currently in production.

In addition, Selina has completed many training programs in various psychology and counselling modalities, including personality profiling, hypnosis, eye movement therapies, cognitive therapy, organisational development, energy psychology, neurolinguistic interventions, brain chemistry, anti-aging nutrition, latest weight loss methods and fatigue management. Selina is a registered Metagenics practitioner.